August 18th 2023

Explore what new changes the Dev team has deployed in the last week!

This can be anything from new features, bug fixes or QoL changes!

New features and items
  • New action to look up warranty information for a device

  • Added workflow name, time savings, and original execution to workflow listeners

  • Added new Transform actions: Transform List Objects, Merge Lists, Diff Lists, Set Object Attribute, Convert List to Object, and Append With Items Results

  • Added custom overrides for property and session group in ConnectWise Control

Bug fixes and chores
  • Focus the cursor in the code editor when the Jinja Burger is clicked

  • Fix for the NinjaRMM Modify Ticket action

  • Refresh Sonicwall NSM token more frequently to avoid token expiration

  • Fix query parameters for ConnectSecure List Assets action

  • Added output schemas for Sophos actions

  • Fixed a bug for Sophos when making requests to the Partner API

  • Renamed Parse JSON to Parse Text

  • Ensure delay_info keys are deleted from Redis after a workflow completes

  • Fixed a bug where code editor auto complete would crash if it received an invalid schema

  • Update ConnectWise Automate Script Schedule Task to use correct DateTime formate that the endpoint expects

  • Added a re-try mechanism for TimeoutErrors when making requests from the engine to the graphql server

In review, testing and development
  • Fix a bug where Datto PSA webhooks are not adding excluded users correctly

  • Crate marketplace UI overhaul

  • Refactor ConnectWise Manage integration

If you'd like to see these in action, review the latest Open Mic recording here.

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