April 5th 2024

Explore what new changes the Dev team has deployed in the last week!

This can be anything from new features, bug fixes, or QoL changes!

New features and items
  • Added the ability to render Jinja in html components in App Platform

  • Added an accordion component to App Platform

  • Allow for de-branding of Microsoft Teams Actions

  • Highlight connected tasks when a transition is selected

  • Microsoft Cloud Integration Bundle

  • Added drag and drop re-ordering of Workflow Notes

  • Added an option to toggle hiding of Text/Markdown components in Forms

Bug fixes and chores
  • Fixed a bug with custom components in app platform to account for unpublished changes

  • Removed an unnecessary serialize/deserialize step in postgres jsonb columns to improve performance

  • Fixed the name for Get Service Ticket Note action for ConnectWise PSA

  • Optimized the scheduling of "With-Items" tasks in workflows to improve performance

  • Made selecting stacked tabs in App Platform more intuitive

  • Additional fixes to pagination for SentinelOne

  • Added an optional argument to json_dump and json_stringify Jinja filters to accept as_bytes

  • Fixed an issue with Custom Integrations not respecting extra request_headers

  • Modified Custom Components query to return only components for the currently selected org instead of all components the user has access to

  • Fixed intellisense for filters that stopped working in the code editor

  • Fixed a bug where empty object fields in the task form would cause errors on the frontend

  • Fixed a bug with Microsoft Graph Login Distance Trigger

  • Added EmployeeID param to the Update User action for Microsoft Graph

  • Fixed a bug when mocking "With-Items" tasks in workflows

  • Fixed a bug with Microsoft Graph Polling Sensor failures

  • Fixed a bug where Microsoft Teams Message confirmations were not respecting Jinja customizations

  • Updated the App Platform icon

  • Updated the Home Page preset in App Platform with patched components

  • Fixed typos in Nerdio API reference

  • Fixed the default URL path for Kaseya BMS List Contacts action

  • Increased the max page limit for ConenctWise PSA to 20

  • Increased the max page limit for Hubspot to 300

  • Added pagination parameter properties to GoDaddy and Liongard clients

  • Improved "in" and "not in" filters for Datto PSA

  • Removed the "required" flag from GoDaddy sandbox configuration

  • Performance improvements for Workflow Results page

  • Modified the default response for SMS messages when a user replies to an SMS sent from Rewst

  • Added allowed expected server IDs to Discord

  • Fixed the ordering of fields for the Datto PSA integration configuration

  • Adjusted Sophos page size and increased the max page limit

  • Fixed a frontend bug with deleting users in the platform

  • Added error handling for non-fatal authorization errors in the Microsoft Bundle

In review, testing and development
  • ITPortal integration (In Review)

  • New permission system starting with App Platform (In Review)

  • Workflow version control (In Review)

  • Visual workflow processing and debugging (In Review)

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