Getting Started

Create dynamic web applications powered by your Rewst workflows.

Experimental Feature

This is an advanced feature that does not offer the same level of support as Rewst's built-in integrations. While we have made efforts to ensure its stability, we recommend caution in using this feature in production environments until further testing and development have been completed.

App Platform, when paired with the Rewst automations you know and love, lets you create dynamic web applications (AKA web sites) powered by workflows. Apps consist of pages, and pages are made up of components like images, text, forms, tables, charts, etc.

Rewst hosts your apps for you on a configurable subdomain of Rewst, with custom domains coming soon. You are free to fully customize your pages using our drag-and-drop page builder.

Learn more about App Platform by using it, or by reading through some of our documentation below.

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