Welcome to the Button Component documentation! As part of the page builder in App Platform, the Button component lets you effortlessly add interactive buttons to your pages. Follow the instructions below to make the most of this component.

Adding a Button to Your Page

  1. Access the Canvas: Open the page you're working on in your drag-and-drop website builder.

  2. Drag-and-Drop: Locate the Button component in your component library, then drag and drop it onto the canvas.

Configuring the Button

  1. Select the Button: Click on the added button to select it.

  2. Properties Panel: On the properties panel, you'll find various configurable options:

    • Background: Set the background color of the button.

    • Text Color: Define the color of the button text.

    • Style: Choose the button style - 'text', 'outlined', or 'contained'.

    • Margins and Padding: Adjust the spacing around the button.

    • Text Content: Change the text displayed on the button.

    • Redirect URL: Set the URL to which the button redirects when clicked.

    • Open in New Tab: Toggle to open the redirect URL in a new tab.

    • Triggered Workflows: Assign workflows to execute when the button is clicked.

    • Border Radius: Customize the border-radius for a rounded appearance.

    • Font Weight and Size: Adjust the font weight and size.

    • Override Theme: Enable to apply custom styling.

  3. Live Preview: The canvas provides a live preview of your button as you make changes.

Why Use the Button Component?

  • Interactivity: Buttons add interactive elements to your pages, enhancing user engagement.

  • Customization: Configure the button's appearance and behavior to match your design and functionality requirements.

Now you're ready to create visually appealing and functional buttons for your website! If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team. Happy designing! πŸŽ¨πŸš€

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