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Welcome to the Time Saved component documentation! As part of the page builder in App Platform, the Time Saved component allows you to display the amount of time saved through automation or efficient workflows within your web applications. This component is crucial for quantifying the efficiency gains provided by MSP services and visually communicating these benefits to users.

Why we developed it

The Time Saved component provides a tangible demonstration of value from using automated workflows and optimized processes. It helps showcase the effectiveness of your services in terms of time economy, which is a critical metric for businesses looking to improve productivity and reduce operational costs. This component not only enhances transparency but also helps in reinforcing the return on investment (ROI) clients gain by adopting MSP solutions.

What it could be used for

  • Demonstrating the efficiency of automated tasks versus manual operations.

  • Showcasing aggregate time savings across different departments or processes in an organization.

  • Highlighting the effectiveness of newly implemented technologies or workflows.

  • Encouraging adoption of recommended practices by visually quantifying the benefits.

Example \ Use Case

An MSP might use the Time Saved component in a client dashboard that monitors and reports on network management services. For instance, it can display the cumulative hours saved per month through automated network monitoring and threat detection services as compared to manual monitoring. This visualization not only validates the MSP's value but also helps clients understand the scale of efficiency improvements, encouraging continued or expanded service use.

Adding Time Saved to your page

  1. Access the Canvas: Open the page you're working on in edit mode, in App Platform.

  2. Drag-and-Drop: Locate the 'Time Saved' component in the component library, then drag and drop it onto the canvas.

Configuring the Time Saved component

  1. Select the component: Click on the added 'Time Saved' component to select it.

  2. Properties Panel: On the properties panel, you'll find various configurable options:


  3. Live Preview: The canvas provides a live preview of your configured component(s) once you've made changes.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team. - Happy designing! πŸŽ¨πŸš€

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