Welcome to the Form component documentation! As part of the page builder in App Platform, the Form component allows you to present rewst forms for data entry, ensuring that data is collected efficiently from users, clients, or internal staff.

Why we developed it

The Form component streamlines the data collection process, making it easy to present rewst forms to end users. This is crucial for data collection to deliver quality services and maintain comprehensive records.

What it could be used for

  • Collecting service requests from clients.

  • Onboarding new customers or employees.

  • Conducting surveys to gauge client satisfaction.

  • Scheduling service appointments or calls.

Example \ Use Case

Imagine an MSP that needs to onboard new clients and gather detailed information about their IT infrastructure. The Form component can be used to present an existing rewst form that clients fill out online. This form might include fields for company details, types of services required, existing hardware and software inventory, and preferred contact methods. Once submitted, the form data is automatically integrated into a rewst workflow that consumes that data, facilitating a smooth and organized onboarding process that enhances client experience and administrative efficiency.

Adding a Form to your page

  1. Access the Canvas: Open the page you're working on in edit mode, in App Platform.

  2. Drag-and-Drop: Locate the 'Form' component in the component library, then drag and drop it onto the canvas.

Configuring the Form component

  1. Select the component: Click on the added 'Form' component to select it.

  2. Properties Panel: On the properties panel, you'll find various configurable options:

    • Form: Specify the workflow to load.

    • Trigger: Specify the trigger to load when loading the form.

    • Colors

      • Mode: Set the color mode of the form; 'Light' or 'Dark'.

      • Background: Set the color of the component's background.

      • Primary: Set the color of the component's text.

    • Functions

      • Redirect on Submit: Specify the URL to which the Submit redirects when a user once clicked.

  3. Live Preview: The canvas provides a live preview of your configured component(s) once you've made changes.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team. - Happy designing! πŸŽ¨πŸš€

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