Understanding Your Access

In App Platform, you have control over who can access your apps and pages. Here's a simple guide on how to set permissions for a specific app or page.

By default, users with Admin and Member roles have access to app platform. We plan to add more granular access to manage who can build apps in the future.

App Permissions

  1. Navigate to the App Page: If you've created an app, find the app you want to manage in the Apps Table.

  2. Click the Three Dots: Look for the three dots next to your app. Click on them for more options.

  3. Select "Permission": A modal will appear where you can manage who has access.

  4. Choose Roles and Organizations: Pick the roles and organizations that should have access to your live app.

  5. Save Changes: Don't forget to save your changes!

Page Permissions

  1. Open an App to get to the Pages table: Locate the specific page you want to manage in the Pages Table.

  2. Click the Three Dots: Just like with apps, click on the three dots next to your page.

  3. Choose "Permission": This will open the permission settings for that particular page.

  4. Pick Roles and Organizations: Select the roles and organizations that you want to grant access to for this page.

  5. Save Your Settings: Make sure to save your changes so they take effect.

What Are Roles and Organizations?


Roles are like groups that define what someone can do. For example, you might have a role for "Editors" who can modify content and another role for "Viewers" who can only see things. When you assign a role to a user, they inherit the permissions that come with that role.


Organizations are larger groups that might include multiple users. When you grant permissions to an organization, everyone in that organization gets the specified access.

Why Set Permissions?

Setting permissions ensures that only the right people have access to your apps and pages. It's like putting up a virtual fence, allowing you to control who can view or edit your work.

Remember, managing permissions is a powerful way to keep things organized and secure in App Platform. If you ever need to change access, just revisit the permission settings and adjust them accordingly.

Happy building! πŸš€

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