Foundations Certification

Congratulations on Completing the Rewst Foundations Series!

Congratulations on your dedication and hard work in completing all sessions of the Rewst Foundations course. You're now poised to demonstrate your expertise and proficiency in Rewst automation through our certification.

Rewst Foundations Certification Overview

The Rewst Foundations Certification for the 100 Series is an essential step in validating your skills in automating workflow processes, encompassing the knowledge from Rewst Foundations 101 ~ 106 Training. The questions will test your understanding of workflow mechanics, Jinja templating, API integration, task transitions, and workflow design. Below, we'll expand on each category, providing detailed focus areas to enhance your preparation.

Certification Format

The certification consists of a timed, online exam, which includes a combination of multiple-choice questions, scenario-based questions, and practical exercises. The exam is designed to assess your theoretical knowledge and practical skills in automating workflows with Rewst.

Certification Test Steps:

  1. Open Certification Form: Start by navigating to the Certification Form.

  2. Provide Exam Details: Fill out the form with the necessary details to book your exam timing.

  3. Take the Test: Follow the link provided in your email to access the certification test.

Exam Preparation Guide

The Rewst Foundations Certification Exam consists of 30 questions, out of which you will be randomly given 25 to answer. This approach ensures a comprehensive assessment while offering a varied selection of questions for each candidate.

Question Topics:

  • Workflow Mechanics: Key topics include the creation and manipulation of context variables, initiation methods for workflows, understanding of workflow execution logic based on task dependencies, and the role and sourcing of input variables.

  • Jinja Templating and Syntax: Focus on mastering Jinja for template rendering, variable manipulation, employing control structures, handling lists, and effective commenting. Key areas include rendering templates using Jinja, outputting and filtering variables, writing loops, accessing list items, and commenting in Jinja templates.

  • API Integration and Troubleshooting: Understand integrating and handling APIs within workflows, addressing unsupported actions, and solving API-related problems. Key topics include making generic API calls in workflows and troubleshooting steps for API issues.

  • Task Transitions and Workflow Execution: Learn the dynamics of task transitions, setting up custom conditions, and resolving execution-related issues. Focus on Transition Criteria Sensitivity and defining custom conditions for transitions.

  • Workflow Design and Process Automation: Emphasize crafting effective workflows, utilizing dynamic form fields, choosing appropriate triggers, recognizing automation limits, and the importance of team feedback.

Important Note on Exam Functionality

Please be aware that occasionally due to a caching issue within the exam workflow, you might encounter duplicate questions or see more than the intended 25 questions. This issue may also result in duplicate results or require manual selection of categories at times. We are actively working to resolve this, but in the meantime, we appreciate your understanding and patience. Rest assured, this will not impact your overall exam performance or results.

Preparation Tips

  • Review Training Material: Revisit the Rewst 101 ~ 106 training modules, focusing on practical applications.

  • Resource Utilization: Make full use of the resources outlined on our Welcome and Enrollment page.

  • Community Engagement: Engage with the Cluck U channel in our Discord community for peer discussions and insights.

Best of luck with your Rewst Foundations Certification Exam!

Your journey through the Rewst Foundations course has equipped you with the knowledge and skills needed for the certification exam. Stay focused, practice regularly, and methodically approach each topic for assured success.

We believe in your abilities and look forward to your success!

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