Clean Automation (200 Series)

Explore advanced automation concepts in the 200 series at Cluck University. Dive into data handling, abstraction principles, and defensive strategies for robust automations.

Series Overview

The 200 series courses at Cluck University, designed to follow the foundational 100 series, delve deeper into advanced concepts of workflow automation in Rewst, ensuring you have the practices to build cleanly and efficiently.

Target Audience

This course is designed for individuals who have completed the 100 Series courses, which provided a foundational understanding of automation in Rewst and are looking to expand their skills to create more advanced, efficient, and secure automated solutions. It is ideal for MSPs and other Rewst users who aim to leverage automation for complex tasks and processes.

Learning Objectives

  • Advanced Automation Mastery: Develop an advanced understanding of automation in Rewst, focusing on integrating human creativity with computer precision, and mastering clean automating principles for efficient workflows.

  • Data Types and Jinja Proficiency: Gain comprehensive skills in handling various data types and utilizing Jinja for dynamic, complex data manipulation and workflow enhancement.

  • Strategic Automation Thinking: Cultivate a developer’s mindset for automation, focusing on abstraction, modularity, and avoiding common anti-patterns to create robust, defensible automation strategies.

  • Practical Application and Problem-Solving: Learn through hands-on application, emphasizing practical problem-solving, efficient configuration, and defensive programming in real-world scenarios.

Included Courses

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Enhance efficiency by balancing human creativity and computer precision; learn key principles for clean, scalable automation.

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Master Rewst’s data handling in Jinja for dynamic, precise automation tasks.

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Adopt a developer mindset for simplified, reusable, and efficient workflows.

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Focus on proactive error handling and clear planning in automation to avoid common pitfalls.

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Build robust automations with consistent outcomes and strong error management strategies.

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