201: Advanced Automation Concepts

Master the balance between human ingenuity and computer precision, focusing on clean automation principles and defensive strategies.

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Course Overview

Rewst 201 offers a deep dive into the nuanced aspects of advanced automation. The course is designed to provide insights into critical concepts that are essential for creating sophisticated and efficient automated workflows in Rewst.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Understanding the Balance between Human Creativity and Computer Precision: This session emphasizes the unique strengths of humans and computers, encouraging the creation of automations that leverage the creative problem-solving skills of humans while capitalizing on the precision and consistency of computers.

  2. Clean Automating Principles from Development World: The course introduces clean automating principles borrowed from software development, such as DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself), easy configuration, and defensive programming. These principles are crucial for creating maintainable, scalable, and error-resistant automations.

  3. Defensive Automation Strategies: This part of the course focuses on building automations that proactively anticipate and handle errors or unexpected scenarios, ensuring higher uptime and reliability of automated processes.

  4. Security in Automation: Addressing the importance of secure automation, the course covers how to protect automations from security threats and unauthorized access, ensuring the safety and integrity of automated workflows.

  5. Applying Pseudocode for Clear Planning: The course illustrates how pseudocode can be used as a planning tool to transition ideas into tangible automation steps, aiding in the clear and effective development of complex automations.

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