App Platform (Coming Soon!)

Revolutionize your MSP operations with Rewst's App Platform.
Introducing The Application Platform
Key Highlights:
  • Purpose: Complements your existing Rewst automations, offering the ability to design user-friendly apps that interact with workflows, forms, and data.
  • User-Friendly: With a drag-and-drop interface, Rewst customers can create branded apps, complete with text blocks, images, forms, and more.
  • Endless Possibilities: Build a variety of apps, from analytics dashboards to client onboarding solutions, all tightly integrated with Rewst workflows.
  • Customer Interaction: Users can interact directly with workflows, forms, and data, enhancing efficiency and user satisfaction.
  • Additional Features: Advanced functionality for the power users among us, like theme customization, granular access controls, flexible authentication methods, and customizable code blocks.
For more detailed information, read our full press release here. Alpha release coming soon to select customers with interest submission available now. A beta release will follow, slated for early 2024.
Last modified 2mo ago