Learn the App Platform terminology

App Platform: is an extension of Rewst’s Automation Platform that allows MSPs to quickly build web applications for interacting with Rewst-generated data from workflows, forms, and data.

App: An app, short for application, represents a front-end web application or website developed to provide a user-friendly interface for interacting with Rewst-generated workflows, forms, and data.

App Crates (coming soon): An app crate is a predefined structure or design that serves as a starting point for creating a new application within the App Platform. These crates typically include an app, pages with layouts, user interface elements (components), audtomations, and functionality that can be customized and extended to meet the specific needs of the application being developed.

Page: A page is a fundamental component of a App that displays content and provides a user interface for interaction. A page represents a specific section or view within an app where users can access and manipulate data, workflows, or forms.

Page Templates (coming soon): Page templates are pre-made pages that include placeholders for content, user interface elements, and design elements. They help maintain consistency and efficiency in app development by providing a standardized starting point for creating pages. Users can customize these templates to suit the specific needs of their application, ensuring a cohesive and user-friendly experience for app users. In the context of Rewst's App Platform, page templates can be used to streamline the creation of pages within apps designed to interact with Rewst-generated workflows, forms, and data.

Component: A component refers to a modular and reusable building block of a Page. Components are typically used to create various parts of the user interface, and they can be customized and combined to build complex interfaces and functionality within an app. Components can include UI elements like buttons, forms, and tables.

Custom Component: A custom component is a specialized, user-defined or customized building block within a single Rewst App. These components are created from components by App Platform users to fulfill unique requirements that may not be fully addressed by standard components. Custom components offer the flexibility to extend the functionality of an app by adding specific features or interactions tailored to the needs of a particular project or use case.

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