Welcome to the App Domains documentation! In this guide, we'll walk you through the domain setup for your apps hosted on Rewst. Understanding how to configure subdomains and manage custom subdomains is key to making your apps accessible to the world.

Default Subdomain Structure

By default, all apps hosted on Rewst are assigned a subdomain under * This means your app's URL will be in the format Rewst takes care of the underlying infrastructure, allowing you to focus on building and deploying your apps.

Custom Subdomains

Initial Setup

When you first create your app, Rewst provides an option for a custom subdomain. This custom subdomain follows the pattern <org-slug>-<custom-subdomain>

  • <org-slug>: This is your organization's unique identifier. You can update it in the Rewst Settings page for your organizations.

  • <custom-subdomain>: You can choose a custom subdomain for your app during the creation process.

Updating Organization Slug

If you wish to update your organization's slug:

  1. Navigate to the Rewst Settings page for your organization.

  2. Locate the organization slug field.

  3. Update the slug as needed.

  4. Changes will take effect immediately.

Updating Custom Subdomain

To modify the custom subdomain of your app:

  1. Open your app in the App Platorm.

  2. Look for the option to update the subdomain.

  3. Enter your desired custom subdomain.

  4. Confirm the changes.


Let's say your organization slug is myorg and your custom subdomain is app1. Your app's URL would be

Why Customize Subdomains?

Custom subdomains provide a branded and personalized touch to your apps. It makes them easily identifiable and memorable for your users. Whether you're representing a business, project, or personal endeavor, a custom subdomain adds a professional touch to your online presence.

Coming Soon: Custom Domain Support

Exciting news! We will soon be introducing custom domain support, allowing you to use your own domain name for your Rewst-hosted apps. Stay tuned for updates on this feature.

Important Note

Ensure that your custom subdomains comply with Rewst's guidelines and any applicable legal or branding standards. Abusive or inappropriate subdomains may be subject to action by Rewst.

Now that you understand how to configure subdomains, go ahead and give your apps a unique online address! If you have any questions or encounter issues, feel free to reach out to Rewst support. Happy app building! πŸš€

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