Known Issues

Review the current known issues in App Platform, as reported by members of the Alpha Group.

The purpose of this page is to share known issues in App Platform, as reported by members of the alpha group, that have been recognized and queued for development work during its Alpha stage. While every effort will be made to keep this page as current as possible, given the fast-paced nature of development and the continuous influx of user reports in the Alpha stage, please allow a brief period for changes and additions to be accurately reflected here.

If you stumble across what you believe to be an issue\bug while working with App Platform, please reach out via Discord in the #app-platform channel. Thank you!!


App Platform is still under active development, so while some items may masquerade as bugs - there is a possibility that 'it just hasn't been developed yet' at the time it was reported. These items will be considered 'Feature Requests' & will also be tracked and listed towards the bottom of this page.

πŸ“ Reported

The following list of bugs are in the order of which they were reported (most recent at the top) and is not to be considered a reflection of development prioritization.

Ticket #Description


Toggling between Light & Dark mode can wipe-out manually configured settings for each them.


After creating a site, the sites' availability indicator shows an incorrect status for the duration of the SSL issuance period.


When viewing a live page, items in the sidebar do not honor their theme settings.


Some users have reported that they cannot see Custom Components.


Within the scope of a single app, you can create pages with duplicate paths.

🏁 Released

Ticket #Description


Occasional page navigation issues. (Address bar updates, but the content\page does not).


Images with links embedded, fail to open the link in a new tab when clicked.


Multiple WorkflowInput nodes are not working.


Can't add components to a page, from the page tree, if the name\label of the component contains a space.


Page selector drop-down menu not functioning as expected.


The Apps list show 'extra' blank space beneath depending on row size selection.


A user can add a multi-line component name\label in the app builder.

Any and all components can be added to the login page, and this needs to be restricted.

πŸ’‘ Feature Requests

Ticket #Description


Allow sub-menu items in the sidebar.

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