204: Modular Automation Through Abstraction

This session focuses on enhancing automation through abstraction and modularity. Adopt a developer’s mindset for more efficient, user-friendly workflows

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Course Overview

Rewst 204 focuses on enhancing automation through the principles of abstraction and modularity. This course aims to instill a developer-like mindset, facilitating the creation of more streamlined and efficient automated workflows. It covers key concepts in breaking down complex tasks into manageable components.

Learning Objectives

  • Adopting a Developer’s Mindset: Cultivate thinking patterns that prioritize efficiency and effectiveness in automation.

  • Principles of Abstraction and Modularity: Learn to simplify complex tasks and create reusable workflow components.

  • DRY and KISS in Automation: Embrace the principles of not repeating yourself and keeping automations simple and straightforward.

  • Designing User-Friendly Workflows: Focus on creating workflows that are easy to configure, flexible, and adaptable to different use cases.

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