202: Data Types and Jinja

Deepen your understanding of Rewst’s data types in Jinja. Learn dynamic data manipulation and content rendering techniques.

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Course Overview

Rewst 202 delves into the complexities of data types and the use of Jinja in Rewst. This course builds upon the foundational knowledge from the 103 course, focusing on the efficient handling and manipulation of various data forms. It's designed to enhance your skillset in managing and utilizing data within Rewst's automated workflows.

Watch the video and follow along

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding Data Types in Rewst: Gain a comprehensive understanding of basic and advanced data structures, essential for effective data storage and manipulation.

  • Dynamic Content Rendering with Jinja: Learn techniques to create dynamic content and perform mathematical operations, enhancing workflow functionality.

  • Complex Data Structure Handling: Develop skills in creating, accessing, and manipulating lists and dictionaries, using Jinja to manage complex data structures effectively.

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