101 - Laying the Foundations of Automations

No fluff, just the good stuff. Your path to automation journey begins here.


This isn't just our foundational course. It's your shortcut to becoming the Stewart of your organization – handling the redundant yet crucial, with a knack for success. This journey into automation is more than learning—it's a transformation.

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Here's what's in store:

  • Automation Maturity: Understand your starting point. From zero automation to full autonomy, know where you stand.

  • Why Automate?: Time saved, errors axed, decisions improved. It's not just doing more; it's enhancing how you work.

  • Principles to Live By: Can't automate what's not there. We start with the real and build from there.

  • Choose Wisely: Pick tasks that scream for automation. Time, volume, errors, compliance - we cover it all.

  • Best Practices, Minus the Blunders: Learn the ropes without getting tied up. We're talking clear, effective strategies, minus the common missteps.


Who is this 100 series geared for?

  • Aspiring automation wizards in business.

  • IT enthusiasts ready to up their game.

  • Project managers eyeing smarter workflows.

  • Anyone who's ever thought, "There's got to be a better way."

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